Image of a medical team nurse feeling tired and sad from working to cure patients during COVID-19 pandemic. Young woman take a break sitting close her eyes and rest after hard work at emergency case in hospital.

Canada’s unions stand with hospital workers

September 13, 2021

Canada’s unions are standing in solidarity with hospital workers amid anti-vaccine protests being held in front of hospitals across the country.

“Hospital staff across Canada have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic, providing essential care and helping to keep our communities safe. Protesting vaccine mandates in front of hospitals where workers are providing life-saving care and some patients are fighting for their lives is not only thoughtless and ignorant, it could also be considered harassment,” said CLC President Bea Bruske.

As the Delta variant gains momentum in communities across Canada, health care workers and public health experts have raised the alarm about the potential strain the fourth wave could place on our hospital system. The COVID-19 crisis is not over and Canada’s unions strongly support vaccination against COVID-19 for every Canadian who can be vaccinated.

“Healthcare workers have been through enough over the last 18 months. Between the physical, mental and emotional toll of the pandemic, equipment and staffing shortages and rising rates of violence and harassment at work, they deserve our respect and support for the incredible work they continue to do. We stand with healthcare workers across Canada,” said Bruske.

The Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions and provincial nurses’ unions across Canada are holding a National Day of Action on September 17 to demand that governments fix the country’s nursing crisis. Learn more about the day of action here.

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