Labour Day Picnic Winners

September 8, 2022

List of all the Winner from our Labour Day event in the park

Please Contact Louis Lanctot at if you are listed below

OrderColourTicket #Winner Name
1Green9254207Betty Anne Nail
2Blue2031211Julie Lauzon
3Green9254144Andrew Foisy
4Green9254387Tim Woods
5Blue2031247Blair Oikle
6Red5402177Ayesha Khan
7Red5402566Gerry Dean
8Red5402143Peter Corey
9Red5402474Tina Decarion
10Blue2031681Claude Seguin
11Red5402270Sandra Adams
12Red5402272Sandra Adams
13Green9254503Roger Leclair
14Green9254081Andre Pinard
15Blue2031082Marcel Belmore
16Green9254469Sara Conway
17Blue2031569Kim Lemieux
18Blue2031134Albert Boileau
19Red5402346Megan Miner
20Red5402393Jacob Beattie
21Red5402439Kayie Anne
22Blue2031660Efra Siavavid
23Red5402232Denise McIvor
24Blue2031211Julie Lauzon
25Green9254562Sandra Primeau
26Blue2031410Dallas Lebrun
27Blue2031040Andre Pinard
28Blue2031414Dawson Leblanc
29Red5402009Sandra Primeau
30Green9254140Andrew Foisy

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